susan-hallam-smallSusan Hallam of Hallam Internet ran an outstanding workshop for LATi on Digital Leadership for leaders of high-tech, scientific and engineering enterprises on 16 March at ATIC in Loughborough.

The workshop was packed with useful and valuable information, equipping people with tools and knowledge to help them on their journey to becoming ‘Digital Masters’.

The workshop looked at digital marketing from a strategic perspective, focusing on elements that could impact business operations, including how ‘search’ is changing, why having a mobile-friendly website is critical, ensuring security certificates are in place, exploiting big data, being aware of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, and clever use of Social Media – such as LinkedIn posts.

Iain Thornton of Campbell Scientific writes: “A great presentation from Susan – fast-paced, entertaining, packed with great content and pitched perfectly for the audience.

I loved the way she used attendee’s websites to highlight how things should be done, or, in some instances, where improvements could be made. For Campbell Scientific it highlighted the need to consider carefully how we project ourselves online globally whilst retaining regional variances in products, services and specialisms. For me, possibly the best LATi event, I’ve attended.”

One of the tools Susan recommended the group use is getting their clients to leave Reviews on Google. Taking our cue from Susan, the group submitted reviews on the workshop, with most awarding Susan’s workshop 5 stars.

Here are our reviews of Susan’s workshop:

“I went along to see Susan Hallam talk at a LATi meetup in March. She was excellent, the content of her talk was extremely useful indeed. However, it did leave me with a lot of things to sort out for the social side of my business… But that’s clearly a good thing! Thanks!” – Peter

Google Reviews of Hallam Internet“LATi Digital Leadership workshop – A great workshop which brings me in-depth knowledge of digital marketing” – Joy

“Attended a Digital Leadership workshop led by Susan and what a brilliant couple of hours it was. Susan covered a huge amount in the time she had but still had time to answer questions along the way. Came away with a long list of things to investigate further.” – Iain

“Very interesting presentation from Susan on the current digital trends and terminology that surround them, particularly on how to reach your customers/audience, ways to engage with them, acquiring their trust, creating conversation & how to retain them. I found Susan very clear, concise and friendly, making for a very enjoyable and thought provoking session.” – David

“Terrific workshop Sue – as always some real gems coming out on how to enhance our online presence” – Sam

** Many thanks to Susan Hallam for an informative, inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable workshop. Everyone who attended went back to the office (or lab) with more than one action.

Twitter activity on the day : 

LATi Digital Leadership workshop twitter stream

LATi Digital Leadership Workshop - twitter feed


LATi Digital Leadership Workshop run by Susan Hallam






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