LATi GDPR Knowledge Exchange 1Feb18LATi and Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics (SBE) hosted an intensive afternoon of talks on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at SBE on Thursday, 1st February. The event, attended by leaders of local technology and scientific businesses, covered what businesses need to consider in preparing for GDPR, the strategic and operational implications, as well as the practicalities of operating within the new GDPR framework.

The talks provided an overview of how GDPR is likely to impact technology businesses, including R&D and innovation, product development, sales, marketing, customer relationship management, and day-to-day operations as well as board-level decision making.

Leading thinkers on GDPR spoke
The region’s leading thinkers on GDPR spoke at the LATi Knowledge Exchange event, which was officially opened by Dr Amanda Berry of SBE.  This was followed by a talk by Dr Julie Holland of SBE on how political responses to technological advances are impacting the business environment – setting the scene for the talks which followed:

Dr Lachlan Urquhart, a Research Fellow in Information Technology Law at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham, provided an overview of key aspects of the GDPR legal framework, including the principles, data rights of the data subject,  responsibilities of the data controller and international data transfer. His talk also looked at the impact on technologies such as cloud, big data, Internet of Things, machine learning, social media, with reference to consent mechanisms, the right to data portability, notifying of security and data breaches, and data protection by design.

Susan Hallam MBE, founder and Managing Director of Hallam Internet spoke about the practical implementation required for GDPR and the changes that need to be made, with a focus on digital marketing activities, including  auditing the data you hold, looking and updating permissions, updating your webs forms and privacy policy, as well as updating opt-in processes.

Stuart Muir of Mirams Waterhouse spoke about about day-to-day GDPR Operations post 18 May, and why and when a business would need a Data protection Officer. His talk covered the practicalities of getting ready for GDPR, including mapping your data, assessing the risk, looking at your 3rd party contracts, documenting your policies and procedures, and not forgetting about internal training and awareness.

The overriding message is that yes, the clock is ticking, but there are practical things businesses can do now to prepare for GDPR. And, for many businesses who get it right, GDPR offers an opportunity to build greater openness and transparency about how they operate and deal with customer and personal data.

Many thanks to Loughborough University School of Business and Economics and Professor Mat Hughes for hosting the event at SBE.

Feedback from attendees:

“LATi always seem to put good events on, and this one; focused on GDPR, was no different. There were a number of things that I learnt including the flexibility within GDPR, but also some of the practices of 3rd party companies that we need to be aware of such as web hosts storing information of website visitors. The speakers were very good. Susan Hallam delivered a very engaging talk that I think was enjoyed by everyone, which I didn’t think I would be saying about GDPR! Its great as a start-up to attend events like these in order to learn more about a particular subject matter, but also for the networking with companies facing similar challenges or interested in similar fields.”
Alex Nash, Managing Director, Alcuris

“With a minefield of misinformation out there the LATI event was a great opportunity to discuss GDPR concerns with fellow members and industry specialists. Each speaker brought their own sphere of knowledge to the event which coupled with an active Q&A session really helped to clarify some of the key concerns that GDPR poses. One of the most important aspects that we took from the event was to see the potential opportunities that GDPR compliance will bring to our industry.”
Jim McEwen, Design Director,  Crayfish Design

“As we preparing Jumplead for the GDPR I thought I’d check out the LATi event, and I’m glad to say it was very useful. There were a good range of speakers and their presentations were insightful and actionable.”
Matt Fenn, Founder, Jumplead Marketing Software
“Having attended an industry specific talk on GDPR three months ago, I went along to the LATI GDPR Knowledge Exchange to get an update and to hear how another business sector might be tackling the topic.  The speakers each tackled the subject differently yet the information was complementary, and between them they put the subject into “real life” perspective.  I left feeling better informed and less overwhelmed, and have formulated a simple plan of action to ensure we can meet the requirements by the deadline.  It was very worthwhile to get a broader opinion on the subject.” 
Caroline Nash – Gill Cooke Personnel
LATi GDPR Knowledge Exchange networking 1feb18
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