What an outstanding Leicester Business Festival – these photos by Nick Rawle of NickR Photography taken at Innovation inCharnwood help to tell the story.

All photos in this post credited to ©www.nickrphotography.com

AH2A8952LBF iiC17 30Oct17AH2A9195 AH2A8969LBF iiC17 30Oct17 AH2A9009LBF iiC17 30Oct17 AH2A9020LBF iiC17 30Oct17 AH2A9056LBF iiC17 30Oct17 AH2A9085LBF iiC17 30Oct17 AH2A9121AH2A9160LBF iiC17 30Oct17 AH2A9178LBF iiC17 30Oct17
AH2A9269LBF iiC17 30Oct17


AH2A9373 Lower ResAH2A9331LBF iiC17 30Oct17

AH2A9353LBF iiC17 30Oct17

AH2A9313 Lower res
AH2A9292 Lower ResAH2A9406 Lower ResAH2A9411 Lower Res
AH2A9363 Lower Res


AH2A8882 AH2A8886 AH2A8892 AH2A8895 AH2A8907

AH2A9449 Lower ResAH2A9439 Lower Res

AH2A9451 Lower Res

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