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Contact Name: Dave Mead

Address: Castle court, Castle Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 1FD

Tel: 0115 9551298

Type of Organisation:  An integrated biotech company

Business Sector: Health Care

Profile: Albumedix helps biopharmaceutical companies improve patient outcomes with a range of albumin-based products and technologies that facilitate the development of superior biotherapeutics. Albumedix develops albumin-based products and technologies for advanced drug and vaccine formulation, extended drug half-life and improved drug delivery. Our products and technologies are used in clinical and marketed drugs and out-licensed to pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide.

With over 30 years’ experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, we have the scientific, technical and regulatory expertise needed to support companies in moving faster to market with superior biotherapeutics. We also use this expertise to strengthen our own drug pipeline. Albumedix is developing a strong pipeline of  albumin-enabled therapeutics as well as those developed with partners (CSL Behring, Merck & GSK).  We now leverage our VELTIS albumin technology to develop ultra-long acting biobetters and novel therapeutics.

Albumedix is a global company.

Products & Services: Albumedix has developed a range of high-quality, animal origin-free recombinant human albumin products, Recombumin, from our proprietary Saccharomyces yeast strains. Recombumin is the world’s first and only supply of commercial recombinant human albumin, approved for use in the manufacture of human therapeutics.

As a proven effective versatile stabiliser with the ability to protect challenging drug, cell and vaccine products from aggregation, non-specific adsorption, and oxidation, Recombumin enables drug developers to readily formulate otherwise instable drug candidates and to simplify their formulation strategy.

Veltis for Drug delivery, half-life extension, PK modulation
Veltis offers drug developers a superior and highly versatile drug delivery platform that presents new opportunities to optimize the pharmacokinetics and efficacy of their peptides, proteins or small molecule drugs. The platform is based on recombinant human albumin and engineered albumin variants for optimised performance.

Through its deep understanding of albumin’s biology, Albumedix has developed multiple albumin variants with modulated receptor binding, as well as albumin variants with increased payload attachment.

As a half-life extension technology, Veltis, is designed to provide dosing regimen optimisation of peptides, proteins, and small molecule drugs. This has the potential to translate into once-weekly, once two-weekly or once-monthly dosing regimens. These capabilities mean that Veltis can support improved patient adherence for increased therapeutic impact and reduced safety risks.

Further to this, preclinical and clinical data have demonstrated that albumin can be used to deliver payloads (small molecules and proteins/peptides) linked to albumin to solid tumours or sites of inflammation.  Combining the established knowledge around tumour accumulation by albumin with the Veltis drug delivery platform opens the opportunity to develop next-generation drug conjugates.

Membership of Professional Bodies and Trade Associations:

  • BioPartner UK
  • BIA
  • MediLink

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