Company Name: Green Light Copywriting

Contact Name: Camilla Zajac

Tel: 0115 950 4294


Type of Organisation:  Sole trader

Business Sector: Communications and marketing


Your business is innovative.

Shouldn’t your marketing content be too?

Through Green Light Copywriting, I create unique content to help innovators reach the right people.

For more than 15 years, I have created content for high profile internal and external marketing communications for leading companies and game-changing organisations. In a world full of mediocre marketing content, I take a different approach. My specialism is working with companies that have a particularly technical, complex or sophisticated story to communicate. An innovative business demands a finely-honed tone of voice and a more strategic approach to developing content. I enable companies to achieve that, allowing them to connect more powerfully with their stakeholders and customers.

Green Light Copywriting can help you:

  • Refine your company story so that you reach potential collaborators and partners with less effort
  • Build your profile through more interesting brand stories in blogs, industry magazines and social media
  • Create marketing content which highlights the unique advantages of your product or service while keeping your company voice authentic, appealing and industry-appropriate.


Twitter: @CamillaZajac


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